Call for Speakers & Workshop Leaders -
San Francisco, CA!

Event Overview:

A free-to-attend one-day hands-on training conference for women in technology who have not yet considered cybersecurity as a career path. The day will conclude with opportunities for attendees to win an "all-expense paid" trip to a major cybersecurity industry event.

Attendee Persona:

Age 21+ Women with ANY experience in SaaS, Cloud, Mobile and or Full-stack with a passion for security looking to explore cybersecurity as a career.

Call to Action:

Speakers & workshop leaders (SME’s) a call for YOU (ALL genders) to take action with DoS & provide your expertise to a thriving community seeking ally-ships, mentorships & knowledge to create a long-term career in the cybersecurity industry.

Please note: DoS is a free event to the public; speakers will need to arrange & pay for their own travel to San Francisco, CA for DoS SF 2019. Speakers that typically receive speaking fees; DoS does not have the budget to cover speaker fees.

Areas of Focus:

  •  Putting the “SHE” into Shecurity – this track brings on stage a variety of security professionals – all from various backgrounds to tell their story & their area of expertise. Topics include: discovering different types of jobs within security, advice & guidance on how to get started. 
    Suggested Topics: 

    * Discovering different types of jobs within security
    * Essential skills to have when joining this workforce
    * Advice and guidance on how to get started
    * Practical tips & tricks for navigating your way into a cybersecurity-specific career
    * Preparing for Leadership – gaining credibility and being heard
    * Diversifying your skillset to create truly transferable skills
    * How to stop being a ‘doer’ and be seen more strategically
    * How to plan career breaks without needing to sacrifice your goals
    * Embracing the idea of pulling people up with you

    Your Audience: 
    This track is recommended for those who are interested in learning more about what a career in cybersecurity can look like, how they can transition their career into cybersecurity and much more.  This track is designed for anyone who has no prior experience in security and even those without a technical background.

  •  DISCOVERING CYBERSECURITY INDUSTRY FRAMEWORKS BEYOND JUST THEORY - OWASP Foundation, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Center for Internet Security - Critical Security Controls are known industry frameworks and key resources for application security, internet security, computer security and cybersecurity concepts that every software, security, information technology, and cybersecurity professional should know about. An understanding of real-world software engineering, engineering, security and or cybersecurity are required as the content will be technical in nature.

    Suggested Topics: 
    * OWASP Top 10
    * NIST Cybersecurity Framework v 2.0
    * Secure development, cloud, mobile practices
    * Code review for security matters
    * Tools such as Webgoat, Metasploit, WireShark, etc.
    Your Audience: 
    This track is recommended for those who have at least some technical experience with coding, software engineering, computer engineering, cloud technology, cybersecurity, information security and or mobile platforms.  Perfect for those who have completed a bootcamp or some courses related to these fields.


  • SECURITY TOOL TRACKS: BUILDING YOUR PROFESSIONAL SECURITY TOOL KIT – Do you use a tool-kit like Burp Suite or Wireshark? Are you an expert at the tool? How do you utilize your cybersecurity tool-kit for your organization? How do you utilize your current tools in your career tool-kit to advance your career. How do you find new tools to incorporate into your tool-kit? Create a bootcamp or a course or two and show attendees the power of critical thinking, curiosity and these tools in discovering vulnerabilities and how THEY can start their own journey of discovery, education and building a career in cybersecurity.

    Suggested Topics: 
    * How to brute force passwords
    * Drop databases
    * Scan website for vulnerabilities
    * Scan for mobile application vulnerabilities, learn how to defend
    * Become a security tool expert in one-day

    Your Audience: 
    Attendees for this track will be required to have the technical tool or tools running prior to the event.  There will be a private Slack Channel to help admitted participants set up the respective technical prior to the conference.  This track is suitable for those who are technical and have basic knowledge around security tools utilized within the cybersecurity industry.


  • NEW! DIVERSITY, EQUITABILITY, INCLUSION, and YOU! – The time for only highlighting the issues around Diversity, Equitability, and Inclusion have long since passed. The time for action is here and we must look to create positive disruption beyond the sphere of influence we operate in our daily lives. Be empowered with the practical insights, tools and confidence you need to take positive action today!

    Suggested Topics: 
    * Ageism – as working life extends into our 70’s how will it impact you?
    * Upskilling fast: adapting to an ever-changing cybersecurity industry horizontal landscape across all industry verticals
    * Pay gaps – we’ll look into the true state of affairs in 2019 and understand the psychology of pay gaps
    * The intersectionality of Diversity, Equitability and Inclusion – From SME to Fortune 1000
    * Unconscious bias – how to tackle it in yourself and others
    * Diversification of cybersecurity teams - why & how
    * Inclusion in the workplace is much more than just a meeting invite

    Your Audience: 
    Technical, non-technical, cybersecurity professional, non-cybersecurity professional, student, mid-career professional, executive - this track is for everyone in attendance!

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