A one-day conference advocating the diversification & inclusion of women in cybersecurity

Day of Shecurity Conference Tracks

Day of Shecurity offers three core conference tracks, each uniquely designed for information security enthusiasts of all levels.  Jump in to the track that best fits you and unlock an abundance of resources including access to tools, professionals in the industry, and numerous opportunities to discover security. 

The conference also provides a number of small and intimate workshops focusing on growing specific skills and professional development advice. Sign-up for breakout rooms during check-in when you arrive!


putting "she" into shecurity

Our sampler track brings on stage a variety of security professionals - all from various backgrounds.  In the morning, join in on engaging presentations about all the different career paths you can take within security and what are the next steps to start your journey.  In the afternoon we've invited some of the most well-renowned ladies in security to provide a perspective and advice on becoming the "she" in shecurity.

Included Topics: 

  • Discovering different types of jobs within security
  • Essential skills to have when joining this workforce
  • Advice and guidance on how to get started

Who Should Attend: This track is recommended for those who are interested in learning more about what a career in cybersecurity can look like.  This track is designed for anyone who has no prior experience in security and even those without a technical background.


OWASP is sponsoring a full track about introductory application security concepts that every software developer should know about. An understanding of real-world software engineering is required the content will be technical in nature.

Included Topics: 

  • OWASP Top 10
  • Secure development practices
  • Code review for security matters
  • Tools such as Webgoat

Who Should Attend: This track is recommended for those who have at least some technical experience with coding or software engineering.  Perfect for those who have completed a bootcamp or some courses related to the field.



Burp Suite is an indispensable tool for penetration testers.  This highly-technical track will feature hands-on classes and self-directed labs so that participants can follow their own interests while getting help from teaching assistants with expertise in the tool. During the conference, participants of this track will have full access to the professional version of Burp Suite.

Included Topics: 

  • How to brute force passwords

  • Drop databases

  • Scan website for vulnerabilities

  • Become a Burp Suite expert in one-day

Who Should Attend: Attendees for this track will be required to have Burp Suite running prior to the event.  There will be a private Slack Channel to help admitted participants set up Burp Suite one week prior to the conference.  This track is suitable for those who are technical and have basic knowledge around Burp Suite.  Ideally this track is suitable for those already part of the information security workforce, but are looking to grow their skills in Burp Suite.