San Francisco 2019 Event Day Information & Admittance Policies

In order to ensure that the maximum number of attendees are able to participate in the Day of Shecurity events, the following guidelines will be strictly enforced.

Day of Shecurity San Francisco 2019 will be held at the Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco in San Francisco, California. This is a Federal Building & we Day of Shecurity will be adhering to all guidelines defined by building access and building safety. Parking will not be available at the Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco for our event; please check for local parking areas or plan on using public transportation. Additional details regarding video, photos, on-site equipment, event access to building, etc. will be provided soon.

Please check for local parking areas near Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco or plan on using public transportation.


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Please note that we are requiring that all attendees have read and acknowledge that they are abiding by our self-vetting process:

  1. When the application process opens, the first 200 applicants will receive registration confirmation. Subsequent applicants will be allowed to finish the process but will be added to a wait list.

  2. On the day of the event for the first 60 minutes of registration, only valid registrants will be admitted.

  3. After 60 minutes, if all physically present registrants have been admitted & capacity has not yet been reached, any physically present applicants from the waitlist will be admitted.

  4. Any registrants who arrive after the first 60 minutes will be ushered to the front of the line for admittance if capacity has not been reached. If space is not available, no additional attendees will be admitted regardless of registration status.