Self-Vetting Process

As an attendee, in order to get the most out out of the Day of Shecurity and to be eligible for the grand prize raffle, you should meet the following criteria. While we will not be verifying the technical criteria, you will want to consider these before diving into one of our technical tracks. Requirements are marked with a star ().

To be eligible for admittance you must meet the following criteria:

  • ✺ Women or NB Only: This event is for attendees who identify as women in a way that is significant to them.
  • ✺ Be able to physically attend: This event is in San Francisco. We cannot provide any travel assistance for attendees.
  • ✺ Be at least 21 years old as of June 16th 2018

To get the most out our technical tracks, you should have some of the following experience:

  • Full-Stack Experience: You should have at least a basic level of proficiency with full-stack development. This should include the following:
    • Front End Experience: Some exposure to HTML, CSS and Javascript. A particular framework is not required.
    • Back End Language Experience: Some exposure to at least one back end language.
    • Database Experience: Some exposure to at least one data store technology.
    • Linux/ Terminal Experience: Some exposure to basic Linux / Terminal commands and file and folder structure.

Please note that by entering into the grand prize raffle, you are acknowledging that:

  • you meet all of the self-vetting criteria listed above which is marked with a star ()
  • you are available to travel to DEF CON 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • you are present when the raffle is called

Any winners of the grand prize raffle who do not meet these criteria items will be disqualified and the next available grand prize winner will be selected.