Thank You DoS Community!

DoS'ers - Thank you for helping DoS grow. Thank you for carrying about Diversity & Inclusivity (D&I) as more than just a buzzword or a topic/concept of the moment. 

Our pledge as movement & organization is to continue creating event environments where a variety of different voices are encouraged & heard. These voices come from people who may or may not be of the same gender, race, ethnicity or educational background. Diversity in the workplace across all industry verticals today can include some of the following: Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual orientation, Religious affiliation, Generation, Disability, Education, Personality type, Thinking style

DoS is the embodiment of exploring the concept of cognitive diversity that focuses on diversity of thinking and comprises four key areas:

  • Perspectives. People represent situations in different ways. In the global workplace, it will help to have multiple perspectives when it comes to representing a problem, as they will see different possible solutions.

  • Interpretations. Employees interpret situations, problems & other people in different ways, classifying them accordingly. Through diverse interpretations, teams can discover multiple resolutions.

  • Heuristics. People resolve issues in different ways, proving there are multiple ways to arrive at a conclusion.

  • Predictive models. To make predictions, some people analyze, & others look for a story. Both are useful to discovering workplace solutions.

This new way of thinking about D&I elevates our conversations from not only having diversity within a company - but utilizing diversity to produce better products & services, better workplace cultures, better work / life balances, better lives overall that embrace the entire human being and not just one or two personas that person may be during business hours.

Thank you DoS'ers for all that you have done in 2018 & for helping us continue to grow in 2019 & beyond!

- Kyle F. Kennedy || @kyle_f_kennedy

Kyle Kennedy